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September 3, 2019

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HELP Column

#203 Help - 1
I’m trying to find a fuel cap for a Buzacott 1A engine. I’m not sure of the thread size (5/8, 3/4?) Female. Any help is greatly appreciated.
*Ken. Email: editor@tomm.com.au

#203 Help - 3











I own this Wilson inboard marine engine which was made in Brisbane. I am unsure of its age
or history but think it may be more than 100-years-old.
I would welcome any information about it from your readers.
*Ian. Email: editor@tomm.com.au

#203 Help - 4


I am in possession of a R. Hornsby makers plate which shows 12hp No.8728. I am interested
to know what engine it has come off and any other information related to the plate or the engine if it can be identified.
*Tony. Email: editor@tomm.com.au








#203 Help-5


Can someone tell me about Hedley F. Day Manufacturing company manufacturer of Port Road, S.A., When and where they were located. Any info appreciated.
*Roger. Email: editor@tomm.com.au





#203 Help - 6
The replacement nuts and studs for my stationary engine have a plated finish. Most engines built in the 1950s and before would not have had these kind of nuts and studs when
new, so I’d like to remove all of the plated finish and go back to the plain steel.
Does any reader have any ideas of how I would achieve this?
*TOMM Forum Member. Email: editor@tomm.com.au

#203 - Help - 7



Can anyone identify this carby, origin unknown. It has
two electrical wires attached to the top cylinder.
*Roger. Email: editor@tomm.com.au














#203 Help - 8


I am seeking help from any readers who could help me source parts for my New Way engine, Model E, Type C, 4 ½hp.
*Waine. Email: editor@tomm.com.au

#204 Help - 1
I would like some help for the following tractors - any dimensions or photos for the exhaust stack for an 1836Hart-Parr, the Australian Special kerosene tank brackets fora 4hp Mogul, the clutch pulley for a 4hp Mogul, and a muffler for a 3hp M??? Many thanks in advance.

*Andrew. Email: editor@tomm.com.au

#204 Help - 2

I have a 1½-2½hp Buzacott and I’d like to know how the mechanics trip the Wico EK magneto. It has a push rod on left side of the engine to trip the magneto.
*Ray. Email: editor@tomm.com.au






#204 Help - 4

I have recently purchased a Wing engine and seeking a workshop manual.

*Morrie. Email: editor@tomm.com.au



ID #203-1














I have acquired this wooden object and wonder what it might be.

It is about 18” long (450mm) with a hooped handle that hinges the top open. The wood has quite a washed looked, so my thought is that it is part of some sort of dairy mould or the
like. It came from a farm in Lake Eppalock, Vic.

*Terry. Email: editor@tomm.com.au

ID #203-2


Would anyone be able to identify what this sprocket comes
from? It was amongst some Indian motorcycle parts but it doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before. It fits on a magneto taper without any problems but it is only 8-tooth.
I was thinking it could maybe be a chainsaw sprocket?
The bore is ” to ½” taper, and 7/16” deep with a key...so it’s a drive of
some sort in order to have a key. It would suit a ½” pitch chain, 3/16” or 1/4” wide roller or so.

*TOMM Forum Member. Email: editor@tomm.com.au

ID #204-1
I would appreciate if any readers could help me solve the mystery of this item. I can only describe it as 2-stroke, twin cylinder, horizontally opposed, with the only ports as shown.




• Bore: 48mm
• Stroke 43mm
• Capacity: 155cc
• Crankshaft Diameter: 16mm
• Crankshaft Threads: 19 T.P.I.
• Spark Plug: 18mm
• Whitworth Threads elsewhere


Any information would be great as it has been a mystery for some years I would appreciate if any readers could help me solve the mystery of this item.
*Bruce. Email: weller@midcoast.com.au


ID #204-2


My wife and I were on Norfolk Island recently and came across the interesting piece - even more interesting as none of the locals I spoke to could identify it.

There is little doubt that it’s related the the island’s whaling history, but just exactly what it is,
is a mystery.


The domed ends and number of securing bots suggest hat it was a pressure vessel (a boiler it is not) and the gearbox on the RH end confirms that “something” inside was rotating
very slowly. Any ideas, anybody?
*John Email: editor@tomm.com.au


ID #204-3:





Hi, can anyone please tell what this is?
*Helen Email: editor@tomm.com.au

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