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Tractor fanatic turns sewing machines into mini replicas

Nebraska man, Gene Blatchford, a former farmer has found a new and ingenious way to create tractor-related paraphernalia, by turning old sewing machines into mini tractor replicas, all with brand-specifics fenders, seats and symbols.


Gene Blatchford shows off a replica of a John Deere tractor he created from an old sewing machine | Justin Wan, Sioux City Journal



Blatchford says that it takes around 15 hours for the entire transformation from sewing machine into tractor replica, all of which is down in the back of his Newcastle, Nebraska shop, also filled antique tractors that he's restored. 


Few pieces of paraphernalia can rival the creativity and attention to detail that is put into Blatchford's replicas. In fact, once Blatchford is finished with his recreation, it can be virtually impossible to guess the household item his replicas are built from. 


The idea found Blatchford during his routine attendance to a craft show in Spencer, Iowa and his wife, knowing his love of tractors, urged him to try crafting one himself. Blatchford now attends craft shows with his own replicas, of which he has made around 35 to date, and finds that most people have never seen such a creation. 


The first time Blatchford attempted to forge his own replica, it took him 3-4 days to transform the vintage sewing machine into an accurate tractor replica. After his first replica, Blatchford has hooked, and has spent every spare minute of the last few years in the shop behind his home building his mini-tractors. 


Nowadays, Blatchford sells his tractor replicas at trade shows and says he is constantly on the lookout for bits and bobs to use in his next reimagining of a tractor. Lawnmowers and baby stroller are just some of the ways Blatchford collects wheels for his tractors, for fenders and seats, Blatchford uses flat metal and the occasional spoon. 


Blatchford doesn't discriminate when it comes to his tractors, he has a mixture of Deere, Farmall, Ford, Oliver and Allis-Chalmers replicas amidst his home. 


For tractor lovers out there, Blatchford provides a new kind of collectible, built in back shed, which is also home to large scale antique tractors - a John Deere 60, Farmall H, Allis-Chalmers C and Ford 2N, which are frequently driver by Blatchford in local parades. 






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